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Multi Instance Queue Manager Pdf Free

Multi Instance Queue Manager Pdf Free

multi instance queue manager pdf free


Multi Instance Queue Manager Pdf Free --




















































BFGCL0031I: Agent log files located at: /var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs mqmMFT2:/var/mqm> cd /var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs mqmMFT2:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs> ls -ltr total 12 -rw-rw-rw- 1 mqm mqm 2066 2014-03-18 16:30 output0.log -rw-rw-rw- 1 mqm mqm 0 2014-03-18 17:07 stdout.log -rw-rw-rw- 1 mqm mqm 0 2014-03-18 17:07 stderr.log -rw-rw-rw- 1 mqm mqm 0 2014-03-18 17:07 pcevent0.log.lck -rw-rw-rw- 1 mqm mqm 4422 2014-03-18 17:07 pcevent0.log mqmMFT2:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs>Start the agent on the laptop:Figure 2. Start MFTQMmqmMFT1:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs> strmqm -x MFTQM WebSphere MQ queue manager MFTQM starting. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Agent Name: Queue Manager Name: Status: AGENTMFTQM MFTQM READY AGENTWIN7 MFTQM STOPPEDAfter AGENTWIN7 is stopped, enter the command fteModifyAgent AGENTWIN7:Listing 27. The WebSphere MQ reason code was 2161. Display the queue managermqmMFT2:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs> dspmq -x QMNAME(MFTQM) STATUS(Running) INSTANCE(MFT2) MODE(Active) INSTANCE(MFT1) MODE(Standby)Create MFTQMStandby and select MFT2 as the coordination queue manager to check on the status of the transfer:Figure 6. Start the AGENTMFTQM onMFT1mqmMFT1:/var/mqm> fteStartAgent AGENTMFTQM 5724-H72 Copyright IBM Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BFGCL0245I: The file /var/mqm/mqft/config/MFTQM/ has been created successfully.Run the same commands on MFT2: fteSetupCoordination -coordinationQMgr MFTQM fteCreateAgent -agentName AGENTMFT -agentQMgr MFTQM fteSetupCommands -connectionQMgr MFTQMYou do not need to run the mqsc-script on MFT2.Creating MFT agent on WindowsRun the following fte commands on the laptop and then move the created mqsc-script to run on MFTQM on Microsoft Windows:Listing 9. [18/03/2014 17:22:42:836 EDT] 00000001 AgentRuntime W BFGAG0170W: The agent has ended because the queue manager is unavailable. MQ Service for AGENTMFTQMStop the agent AGENTMFTQM and the queue manager MFTQM in MFT1 and check the agent status. Transaction manager state recovered for queue manager MFTQM.


A standby instance of queue manager MFTQM has been started. WebSphere MQ queue manager MFTQM ended, permitting switchover to a standby instance. File logger status in MFT2The file logger in MFT1 resumes:Figure 18. Set up command5724-H72 Copyright IBM Corp. TransferId=414d51204d4654514d202020202020208fdf3a53028d0320,;Switch the active MFTQM to MFT2:Listing 32.


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BFGCL0468I: Issuing stop request to agent AGENTWIN7. mqmMFT1:/var/mqm> dspmqinf -o command MFTQM addmqinf -s QueueManager -v Name=MFTQM -v Directory=MFTQM -v Prefix=/var/mqm -v DataPath=/MQHA/WMQ/MFTQM/data/MFTQMCreate additional instance on MFT2 using the dspmqinf output from MFT1: Listing 2. Status of file logger in MFT2Start a small file transfer again on Windows. [18/03/2014 17:22:42:867 EDT] 00000001 AgentPublicat W BFGMQ1007W: Coordination queue manager cannot be contacted or has refused a connection attempt. 2008, 2012. AGENTMFTQM process startedmqmMFT1:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs> ps -ef grep AGENT mqm 11646 1 0 18:22 ? 00:00:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/mqm/mqft/lib/mqmftpc -directory=/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM -properties=/var/mqm/mqft/config/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/ -appId=AGENTMFTQMMFTQM /opt/mqm/java/jre/jre/bin/java -Dwmqfte.lock.file=/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/agent.lck -m BFGCL0030I:" "The" "request" "to" "start" "agent" "'AGENTMFTQM'" "on" "this" "machine" "has" "been" "submitted. MQService for MFTDBLOGGERRestart MFTQM. Creating file loggermqmMFT1:/MQHA/data/MFTLogger> fteCreateLogger -loggerType FILE -fileLoggerMode CIRCULAR -fileSize 10MB -fileCount 3 MFTfilelogger 5724-H72 Copyright IBM Corp.


WebSphere MQ queue manager MFTQM ending. #Tue Mar 18 10:59:49 PDT 2014 coordinationQMgr=MFTQM connectionQMgrChannel=SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN connectionQMgrPort=3414 connectionQMgrHost= coordinationQMgrStandby= 12. Status of all agentsC:Program Files (x86)IBMWebSphere MQbin>fteListAgents 5724-H72 Copyright IBM Corp. mqmMFT1:/MQHA/data/MFTLogger> dspmq x m MFTQM QMNAME(MFTQM) STATUS(Running as standby) INSTANCE(MFT2) MODE(Active) INSTANCE(MFT1) MODE(Standby)MFTFILELOGGER on MFT1 now shows an error and tries reconnect:Figure 12. Setup completed. 2008, 2012. This value may be too low dependent on the agent's work load. IBM ID:*Need an IBM ID? Forgot your IBM ID? Password:*Forgot your password?Change your password Keep me signed in. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BFGCM0238I: Direct the following MQSC definitions for agent AGENTMFTQM to queue manager MFTQM. Agent status log on MFT2mqmMFT2:/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs> tail output0.log WebSphere MQ Components: Java Message Service Client / / p750-001-130308 WebSphere MQ classes for Java Message Service / / p750-001-130308 IBM WebSphere MQ JMS Provider / / p750-001-130308 Common Services for Java Platform, Standard Edition / / p750-001-130308 ************* End Display Current Environment ************* [18/03/2014 17:22:54:621 EDT] 00000001 Agent I BFGAG0115I: Relative path transfer root directory: /var/mqm [18/03/2014 17:22:54:998 EDT] 00000001 Agent W BFGAG0125W: The maximum size to which the java heap can grow is 468 MB, the default value.


>/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs/stdout.log 2> /var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/logs/stderr.log mqm 11649 11646 0 18:22 ? 00:00:00 /opt/mqm/mqft/lib/mqmftpc -directory= /var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM -properties= /var/mqm/mqft/config/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/ -appId=AGENTMFTQMMFTQM /opt/mqm/java/jre/jre/bin/java -Dwmqfte.lock.file=/var/mqm/mqft/logs/MFTQM/agents/AGENTMFTQM/agent.lck -m BFGCL0030I: The request to start agent AGENTMFTQM on this machine has been submittedThe agent log on MFT1 shows that the agent has been started successfully with the MQ service:Listing 23. Add chlauth recordsSET CHLAUTH(*) TYPE(BLOCKUSER) USERLIST('nobody','*MQADMIN') SET CHLAUTH(SYSTEM.ADMIN.*) TYPE(BLOCKUSER) USERLIST('nobody')Configuring MFTCreating MFT agent on LinuxRun the following fte commands on MFT1 and the created mqsc-scripts:fteSetupCoordination -coordinationQMgr MFTQM Listing 6. 2008, 2012. The file can be found at /var/mqm/mqft/config/MFTQM/loggers/MFTFILELOGGER/MFTFILELOGGERdelete.mqsc. The queue manager will stop when all outstanding work is complete. IntroductionThis tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up IBM WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer (MQMFT) High Availability (HA) using the MQ Multi-Instance Queue Manager (MIQM). Dig deeper into WebSphere on developerWorks Overview New to WebSphere Technical library (tutorials and more) Forums Community Downloads Products Events developerWorks Premium Exclusive tools to build your next great app. 55be9034d4

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